Now is the best time in history to specialize in pharmaceutical litigation. In the span of just the last few years, the industry has gone from seeing several million dollar suits a year, to several billion dollars – now hemorrhaging from the pharmaceutical giants. The major drug companies have a bottom line that is going up 3 times that rate, and this is an industry where foul play has been running rampant. Cases are being filed all over The United States on behalf of their victims.

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This graph, which appeared in the aptly named December 2010 Public Citizen’s Health Research Group study “Rapidly Increasing Criminal and Civil Monetary PenaltiesAgainst the Pharmaceutical Industry: 1991 to 2010,” shows the incredible opportunity available to attorneys. As you can see, this is a fairly new phenomenon. Notice that  from 1991 to 1998, the entire industry paid no more than 22 million in penalties in any  given year. The number then jumps to 100 million in 1999, and has been climbing ever  since. In fact, since 2005 the pharmaceutical industry has paid at least one billion  dollars annually for their bad conduct.

There are not many lawyers with experience in this industry, so we should continue to  see a rise in demand. Pharmaceutical litigation is a great specialization that will  continue to be lucrative for years to come. Still, we all know that some firms take a much bigger slice of that pie than others – and that is exactly why you want The Drug Ref on your side. We are a team of licensed attorneys committed to giving you the tools to be the first lawyer on the scene for the next billion dollar pharmaceutical lawsuit. For less than the price of a single minimum wage employee, you will have two full-time researchers putting you ahead of the game.