Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients. When it comes to our methods, we will continue to make improvements according to customer feedback.

The bulk of our time will be spent carefully sifting through the massive amounts of data available online and through Freedom of Information Act requests. We conduct investigations based on this research to detect potential pharmaceutical lawsuits. There are several options for accessing our findings according to interest level, time, and preference.

Robust Medication Database / Resource Center / Newsroom

We’ve designed an intuitive online resource center to keep our latest findings, and an ever growing library of drug-specific resource files at your fingertips. At, customers are able to quickly access Drug Overviews that act as cliff-notes on the drug – perfect for a first-time introduction. Our customers also gain easy access to detailed data on specific drugs and medical devices.

Our database is continuously updated with suspect drugs, as well as those currently undergoing significant litigation. The interface for each drug looks like this:

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E-Mail Alerts

Customers can subscribe to hot-off-the-press e-mail or text message alerts for potential litigation blockbusters we find or access this feed from the online console.

Recorded Presentations

Periodically, we present our most promising pharmaceutical findings in a recorded and edited news segment. Our guiding philosophy is to make them short, interesting, and to the point. Perfect cliff notes for the busy lawyer.