Why TheDrugRef?

There has never been a better time to be in pharmaceutical litigation. Technology is rapidly changing the landscape, giving more power to the victims of gross corporate negligence. As juries recognize the harsh reality of chronic pain, millions of dollars are being awarded. The stakes have never been higher, and the opportunity has never been more clear.

The sources listed here are voluminous, though incomplete, and there will soon be new innovations to investigate. This is no job for some stagnant degree-pusher who relies on old and outdated methods. This job requires…

  • a team who can adapt quickly to new technology and loves to stay on the cutting edge.
  • a team who will leave no stone unturned – and will attack the task from every angle.
  • a team that doesn’t need to be micromanaged.
  • a team with degrees in law & scientific journalism.
  • a contractor whose progress is transparent.
  • a contractor who, as an attorney, knows and must follow all ethical guidelines
  • established by the state bar.

Our research can save you time by helping you avoid taking frivolous cases. Our research can expand your wealth by bringing you new clients. Our research can even provide firepower for a settlement negotiation, or demonstrative evidence at trial.

It is our position that forward-looking drug litigation research is a no-brainer, guaranteeing to pay massive dividends both now and for years to come.